5 minute Facebook ad formula

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To help market your side projects with Facebook Ads. This is a guide about the fast way to create effective, high ROI videos ads for Facebook.

According to Hootsuite, 78% of US consumers have discovered products to buy on Facebook.

It’s certainly a large platform and running ads can work to your advantage. You can start with a small daily budget and measure as you go.

The key at the beginning is how you write the ads. And with a little experience and ad spend so far.

Here are a few tips for things that might help you create high ROI ads. First thing is you need to:

Stop the scrolling

Look at people browsing their phones on trains or buses. They flick and scroll through at high speeds!

How do you make them stop and get their attention?

Here a few tips on how you could stop the scroll:

Number 1 – Humour

We all love a laugh, so if you can make your audience smile you have a good chance of getting their attention.

For example:

“Did some financial planning and it looks like I can retire at 62 and live comfortably for 11 minutes…”

Number 2 – Question

Asking the right question is a great way to stop the scroll.

If your audience relates to your question they will likely take note of your ad.

For example: Not a morning person?

Number 3 – Curiosity

One of the most powerful ways to capture someone’s attention is to “Open a loop”. It’s human nature to want to complete things. So if you create an open loop, often people will want to see how it plays out.

For example: All Roads Lead To…

Number 4 – Pain

When thinking about web copy pain can be a good way to stop the scroll too but just be aware that Facebook does not want their platform to be a negative place so be careful that you don’t overdo the negativity.

For example: Belly looking a little big again?

Number 5 – Stats

A compelling statistic or fact that relates to your audience’s interests can also work.

For example: Only 8% of people manage to keep their New Year’s Resolutions…

Number 6 – Quotation

An inspirational quote from the right person can be a good way to connect with your audience.

These are very popular on Facebook. Check out Goalcast

For example: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel

Number 8 – Desire

Understanding your target audience and knowing exactly what they want is a great way to stop them scrolling.

For example: Get Kids to Listen the Right Way

Number 8 – Command

Sometimes people just need to be told what to do.

For example: Exhausted Parents Need to Watch This…

Number 9 – How To

If your product helps people learn a new skill a simple How To ad can be very effective.

For example: How to bake bread in minutes…

Number 10 – Hashtag

If there is a hashtag that will resonate with your audience, this can also be a good way to stop the scroll.

For example: #Motivational Monday

Next step is to make a great offer

If you’ve effectively managed to stop your viewer from scrolling through their feed and take notice of your ad, the next step is to put a compelling offer in front of them.

The offer you present will obviously depend on the nature of your business.

Here are 4 types of offer that consistently work well on Facebook:

Number 1 – Discount / Coupon / Secret Word

These work particularly well for bricks and mortar businesses, and can be a great way to get people into your physical store.

For example: Drop in today and mention “Muggle Monday” to get a 15% DISCOUNT

They also of course work well for e-commerce stores too with coupon codes.

Number 2 – Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an eBook, special report, cheatsheet or white paper that delivers useful and practical information to your target audience.

For example: Grab your pizza recipe guide today!

Number 3 – Quiz

A quiz can be a great way to engage with your audience, learn more about their needs and position one of your products as a solution to their most pressing problem.

For example: Take our business systemisation quiz and get your customised action plan.

Number 4 – Webinar / Workshop / Masterclass

A free webinar is another great way to deliver value to your audience, build trust and transform people from prospects into paying customers.

For example:  FREE Webinar: How to use our great design app

OK, so far you’ve grabbed your viewers attention and put a great offer in front of them. Now it’s time to tell them what to do.
The final part of your video ad should tell your viewer exactly what they should do in order to take advantage of the offer you’ve presented to them.

Call to Action

It’s true that people like being told what to do. And should most likely follow this call to action. This can be as simple as:  “Click the button below to Learn More”

Or you might want to tell them to come in to see you at your physical store. Or to sign up for your webinar

Adding an element of scarcity to your call to action is a good way to get people to take immediate action rather than putting it off until later.

For example you might say: “But this special offer is only available until 5pm this Friday!”

So remember:

1. Stop the Scroll
2. Offer something compelling
3. Call To Action

Bear these simple rules in mind next time you are making Facebook ads and this should see you get a better return on your investment.

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