7 tips to boosting online sales by 50% or more

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The internet is the ultimate force multiplier.

For those not familiar with this term, it effectively means that the internet can be used as a powerful tool to take what you are doing and drastically upscale the results.

You put in the same amount of effort, but you get far greater yields. (The most obvious example of a force multiplier is a hammer – the same amount of effort means greater results.)

When it comes to selling products online, this couldn’t be a more apt description. You simply take your desirable product, then multiply the sales by the huge reach of the internet.

And because the sales process is automated, there is no additional effort or money needed (except perhaps a small investment when building your sales page/ecommerce store).

That’s the power of the internet.That’s what many businesses and entrepreneurs are now working out.

Especially under these economic conditions (and with more people shopping online) it’s the place to be.Physical sellers can also open an eCommerce store and effectively put their business model on “hyperdrive.”

Entrepreneurs with nothing to sell can find or create a digital product and leave it to generate cash while they sleep. Consultants can do calls over Zoom for an hourly fee, without having to travel to the client’s office.

It’s game changing. But the power of the internet goes far beyond this.

Where the power of the internet for driving sales and maximizing profits truly comes from the ability to tweak the variables and see even greater results.

If your ecommerce store is a X10 multiplier, your effort only needs to be focussed on how to make that into a X20 multiplier. With the same product, the same pricing, the same delivery system…

just changing the layout and wording on your sales page can drastically increase your sales and your profits. Let’s go through a few tips in this guide (from experience gathered over the years) to help make that a reality,

Building it Right

Before we start tweaking the individual variables, we first need to build a sales page or eCommerce store that will work to begin with

To do this, we need to understand that successful sales comes down to much more than just the sales “page.” This is the end-point, but it is the entire journey that makes the impact.

That’s where things like content marketing and branding really matter.

Consider these situations:

– You have never created content online before
– You write an ebook you want to sell called “How to take awesome photos for stock photo sites”
– You set up a landing page and start selling it for $30 per
– You pay for ads to drive people there

Now this book might make some sales. But you are hardly going to get rich!

Now consider the alternative strategy:

– You create a blog or a social media channel.
– You spend some time discussing really exciting and NEW forms of online business.
– You create a lifestyle and a movement around it: you always present yourself immaculately, and you have a unique style that is instantly identifiable.

People know they can trust you, and your advice has already helped them in the past. You’re giving out free tips. This audience doesn’t even need to be big!

As you can see then, your sales depend not only on the product itself, but:

– Presentation
– Your reputation
– The feeling that this is something new and exciting
– The “value proposition” itself
– The sense of community

This is how you truly create and drive sales. If you can understand this, then you can learn how to adapt your sales page to accomplish some of these things in a short time.

How can you make your sales page feel as though the reader has stumbled upon something really new and exciting? How can you make this feel like ground-breaking information?

Forget bland. Forget generic. Forget trying to appeal to everyone. Instead, find a way to make your product NEW and EXCITING.

Always try to be artistic, creative and original. Build and audience and talk directly to that audience.

THAT is how you will make more sales and be truly successful in your online selling.

Powerful Tips That Will Drive More Sales

The first thing you should be doing when building your online sales page then, is focusing on your branding, your missions statement, your value proposition, and your USP.

This is what will make your business truly successful. From there though, you can also begin to consider different tweaks and changes to your strategy that can be highly effective in boosting your sales.

Use Deals

Deals can help to make your items sell, as can promotions. These all tap into the psychology of the buyer and make them feel like they are getting more for their money, or like they are making a better investment.

You want someone to buy now and click the button before they leave the website as they might otherwise change their mind in the interim. To do this you need to instil a sense of urgency and this is precisely what a limited-time deal can do.

Use Bundles

Likewise you can bundle things together to make them seem like better value – for instance they could get a free promotional item when they buy your service today. This makes the deal more attractive than competing offers (even if it is not something they would normally want) and it means that you can sell the items for more.

It also means that if they were ever thinking of buying them, that now is the time.

Use the Feedback Loop to Improve Your Landing Page

Hopefully you should already have a landing page or eCommerce store, but it’s important to think scientifically about this and to make sure that you keep tweaking it to maximize your traffic.

Start to make changes to the page, see how this affects your clicks and your number of sales, and then keep or undo the changes on that basis. This way the page will ‘evolve’ to bring the maximum number of sales possible. This is called “split testing.”

Generate Hype

Before you release your next product it’s a great idea to try and generate as much hype as you can so that there’s a built in audience before you even start selling. You can do this by releasing press releases ahead of time (a website or magazine is much more likely to publish your story and give it priority if they get to break the news, so choose who you send the press release to first carefully),

There’s sites that help you write and publish Press Releases or by putting your project up on Kickstarter in which case you might also be able to generate some funds you can use for the rest of your marketing. Or by spreading the word on a Social Media channel before the launch.

Use an Affiliate Scheme

If you can set up an affiliate scheme on your website then potentially you can get a huge wealth of people doing your marketing for you without having to pay anything – and possibly people with a lot of time on their hands. Of course there’s a slim chance this can result with you competing to sell your own product,

But paying out affiliate payments can be cheaper in the long run if your cost per acquisition is high enough to justify it This is a great strategy but often requires nurturing relationships with good affiliates. Or at least spending time training them how to best sell your product so that they can get good results

Replace Your AdSense

AdSense is no way the best strategy for making money from a website because you are only getting a very small portion of the profits. If you can get more from advertising your product then, why not simply replace all your AdSense code for your own advert and start sending huge numbers of traffic to your landing page as a result?

You need a lot of traffic to make Adsense work so selling your own products (at least until you get that traffic) makes more sense for the beginning.

Change the Image

The image of your product is one of the most important elements when it comes to driving sales. This may be a high quality photo if it’s a physical product, but if it’s an eBook, then it might just be an image of the cover or a virtual. If it’s an app, it could be screenshots of the app in use or mockups on devices As always, get creative and make them as original and exciting as possible.

Create a Video

One of the most sorely under-utilized strategies for driving sales to a product is to create and use a video. We’ve discussed at length the importance of offering something that feels new and exciting in order to get an emotional response from visitors.

The best way to not only create this impact but also to leverage it to drive sales, is make a video. For my last product I spent a lot of money making a professional video. But the results were good. So many people commented on how professional it looked.

The brand image shot up considerably and I’m sure it improved sales so it’s a worthy investment. In a short amount of time, a video can make a strong visual impact and combine this with the smart use of music and editing to evoke an emotional response.

You can work your audience into a frenzy that will drive them to click buy!

Don’t be Afraid to be Different

There is a huge amount of information online when it comes to selling products. However, a huge amount of it focusses on the same kind of strategy: selling things with white pages and red text.

Or product landing pages that all look the same from the same site builder or template. Using a cheap-looking prerendered image.

Writing large, bombastic headlines…

These strategies can work well, but they are far from your only options. Don’t be afraid to do something different. Different stands out. And standing out SELLS.

Take some professional pride in what you are selling and how you are selling it, be creative with your strategy, and be unique in your presentation.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Forest for the Trees

There are endless tweaks and changes you can make like these that will help your products to sell more. While these can all be extremely powerful though, it’s important not to get too carried away with optimization. There will almost always be something you can do to improve your sales.

Perhaps rewording your header could help you to gain an additional few sales every month. But after a while, this is not longer the best use of your time. At this point, what may be the best use of your time, is to develop the next product! Or to spend some time building your audience bigger.

In short: optimizing your sales page and sales copy is just one option for increasing your product’s popularity and driving more con- versions. Don’t obsess over this to the point that you are wasting time that could be better spent improving other aspects of your business.

Focus on Quality

Read between the lines here and you’ll notice that I’m advising that you steer away from spam-like techniques that try to make a quick sale.

That means avoiding promising to change people’s lives, it means avoiding overly obvious sales patter, and it means being creative rather than cynical.

Does this work as well in the short term? Perhaps not. There are a lot of people who are desperate for something that can help them get out of debt or get into shape. These people will be more likely to fall for obvious sales tactics, and those same people are the kinds of people who buy products regardless of quality. And yes, they will pay a LOT.

But charging $250 for a 10 page PDF or $5 for an amazing app you spent 2 years making, is not the way to build a long-term, serious business.

It is not the way to get repeat business. It is not the way to branch out and scale over time. Think about the most successful brands in the world. They all provide excellent products and services, and you can’t deny that they provide value.

If you really want to build a long-term business, then selling something that’s high quality in a way that is engaging but NOT cheap, will help you do that. This strategy will ensure that other businesses are more likely to want to work with you (meaning that they can help you to drive more customers to your page). So once again: take pride in what you do.

Don’t think about making money fast, but think about building something lasting that speaks to your own values and that finds a like-minded audience.

Be artistic, creative and obsessively original.

Make tweaks to your sales pages and ecommerce store that serve these ends, and that create an emotional reaction to what you are doing.

You might just start the next huge craze.

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