Building Authority and Brand Awareness By means of Networking


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Wouldn’t it end up being nice if you could become a good authority in your niche overnight plus ‘leapfrog’ the competition? If you could by pass the particular normal need to gradually climb the ranks and instead go right to the top as a thought leader?

Nicely, as it happens there is at least one method you can do this and that’s to network correctly with other thought leaders in your specialized niche.

The Theory

If you can network with other believed leaders in your niche and if you are able to align yourself using them/work with them, then you will be able to create more in order to associate yourself with them in the eye of your fans.

What this after that means is that right away, you will obtain some of the trust and authority they have got simply through your connection to them.

For example, if you could get a top digital internet marketer to say that your e-book on earning money was great, then you would not just get the particular exposure from them but also the seal of approval that would come with that.

Exactly the same goes for having a guest post released on a top blog again you can benefit because people trust all of them and will thus be more likely to believe in you by extension.

How to Work together with Top Bloggers

So that’s excellent in theory but how do you actually arrive at the point where those big bloggers will be happy to promote you?

There are many well-known methods for working with other bloggers within content marketing and these provide a ‘framework’ of sorts that you can use to framework your own interactions. The guest article is one example it’s generally approved that many blogs will accept contributors and supply them with a link back if the articles is good.

Another option is to perform an ‘ad swap’. Here you can promote another blogger to your subscriber list in exchange for them doing the same to suit your needs. That way you both benefit by attaining exposure to the audience the other has generated a relationship with.

LinkedIn plus networking events provide good in order to meet these bloggers and to talk about working with them. An important tip whichever your strategy though is to steer clear of the temptation to go straight for the greatest bloggers in your niche first. The smarter strategy is to start closer the bottom and to work your way as you gain exposure for your own brand.

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