four Ways to Target Mobile Micro-Moments plus Boost Your Sales


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The objective of every brand is to create a solid bond with customers whenever they require them. Keeping your brand noticeable before your potential customers during numerous micro-moments is crucial for your brand achievement.

Micro-moments refer to a short term associated with attention any potential customer uses on the mobile device in order to buy, research or watch something.

Mobile has ceased to be just a tendency and micro-moments are usually here to stay. Here are some effective ways to focus on mobile micro-moments and boost your product sales:

1- Identify the Right Micro-Moments For the Brand

As per Cassandra Wesch, Creator of the digital media agency, Upwards Ecommerce, “Identifying opportunities to share appropriate micro moments with your customer ensure it is easier, faster, and more fun for connecting with your brand”.

For a resort owner, it would be great if the clients are able to check in immediately without having to wait around in the queue.

From the customer viewpoint, the micro-moment happen when they are usually traveling and wanting to get into an accommodation without having to wait in line to abfertigung.

Well, you can do just that with the help of Starwood app. The customers are able to check-in directly on the app.

As soon because the customers enter the hotel, the beacons recognize that the customer is there. Verification is completed with the help of a fingerprint (if occur to be on an iPhone), the app supplies a room number, and then you simply keep your phone up to the entranceway and may go right into your room. Which an amazing way for a brand to help the shoppers in a micro-moment.

2- Your Brand name Should Be Seen Whenever the Potential Consumer Needs You

As a brand, being found in all phases of consumer trip, not just when someone is ready to purchase, is where the biggest opportunities exist. Search engines has defined four micro- occasions that represent the full user requirements.

I want to know moments – The customer is exploring and researching however, not yet in the purchase mindset. These are looking for useful information, education sources or an inspiration.

I wish to go moments – Consumer is definitely searching for a local business or thinking of buying a product at a local store.

I want to buy moments – The good buy moments are when consumers are ready to make a purchase and may need help figure out what, how, or where to buy.

I want to do moments – These make reference to moments when shoppers are looking for assist getting something done or understanding something new.

3- Mobile is the Brand new Shopping Assistant – Your E-Store Must Understand This

Americans are internet shopping, allocating their shopping budgets in order to browsing, expanding a regularly associated with five hours per week purchasing on the web.

The telecommunication company sprint found that one in four people who click their mobile search ads in fact end up being physically present in a run retail store.

As a business, you need to get a website mobile friendly and have a good app that will help you to connect with your clients in real time.

It is essential to find out the various mobile search queries that the customers are using while locating your brand name and further optimize your business presence to be able to reap in more sales.

4- Provide Relevant Messaging and Tap Into the strength of SMS Marketing

In this associated with mobile connectivity, it is important to leverage the strength of SMS marketing to improve your company visibility and increase sales.

8.6 Trillion text messages are delivered every year on average and such messages are usually read within 5 seconds. This can be a tremendous opportunity to explore where individuals are able to read your message inside seconds of receiving it.

Tools like TextMagic are excellent in automating the SMS efficiency and achieve. You can easily build one to one conversation with your customer using dynamic incoming SMS communications.

While sending messages, it is recommended to follow the below suggestions:

Segment your audience and deliver the right message to the right consumer.
Send messages that have time certain deals which are set of expire quickly. This will drive instant actions.

Send triggered messages based on the action from the user. For example, if the customer provides placed some items in the shopping cart software and didn’t ordered them then you can certainly send a triggered message having a special discount in order to persuade the client to make an order.

Mobile has ceased to be in its teens. Your brand should understand the real power of cellular micro-moments and must ensure to be existing at all times depending on the needs of the consumer.

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