Freestyle First, Then Fall Back on the Formula


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Let me tell you, many times There are sat down to write out a followup series for one of my items, and I’ve been super inspired. There are had a ton of ideas moving through my mind at once, together to cut my follow-ups down into fast step-by-step action plans, but as soon as that creativity wore off right after 15 or so messages… I had in order to fall back on a formula. Which just what you have to do to continuously generate content without slowing down.

It’s fine to have “inspired creativity” but that will only lasts so long. It’s unmanageable and unpredictable and it’s usually whatever you think of when you visualize a great artist or a great American novelist. They may sit around doing nothing for years or even years before they come across a great idea exciting enough to get these to write enough to produce a finished item. If you can write something when you are actually inspired, it comes out great! Yet unfortunately, that’s just not repeatable.

As soon as you run out of creative gas, you merely have to fall back onto the formula, and there’s nothing wrong with this. I have several formulas like that. For example, if I’m stuck on what to publish for the next article, I use the seven minute article formulation to answer each paragraph like a question in two minutes every. If I can’t think of what I ought to write about in the first place, I identify seven common fallacies in that niche that many people wrongly think are correct, and so on. It’s much easier to come up with articles that’s 80% good enough as “inspired” content, if you fallback onto the formula.

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