I’ll Cut My Hair?


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Right before I wrote this message out there, I was driving in my car plus caught a glimpse of me personally in the mirror. My hair’s obtaining long. Usually I’m okay along with long hair but when it reaches certain lengths the hair keeps dropping in my face and I want to reduce it.

That reminded me of the story someone told years and years back on the OLD warrior forum (or was it the even old warrior forum before that?) When the guy was a kid, he’d go around the house telling his loved ones he was going to cut his locks.

Obviously you don’t let a kid reduce his own hair. His parents might freak out and hide the scissors and he would end up not reducing his hair.

But even when this occurs, he no longer wanted to cut their hair even if he did get access to the scissors. He had a great idea, however the act of wasting time SITTING DOWN on it, going around and telling individuals what he was GOING to do, discussed him out of it.

If you’re going to brag, brag about what you’ve already completed, not what you’re going to do.

If you are going to tell your accountability what you will perform, make sure it’s what you’ll do this day (preferably within the hour) rather than something 3 or 6 months through now… before by then you’ll probably speak yourself out of it.

Start taking action, not really talking action.

Bye for now.

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