Precisely why I Am “Shred Happy” With Records


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If you looked at one of our notebooks, you’d find it was possibly missing a lot of pages, or a new lot of stuff crossed out. Precisely why? Because I hate clutter! Our brain can only hold so much content material at a time, and I don’t want it to keep a lot of ideas because I want to prevent distractions… and it’s very important to eliminate “spark” ideas, which the notebook does.

Once you attend a seminar or pay attention in to a teleseminar call a person know a lot about, it’s easy to obtain excited and write down every single issue people say. But the reality is, if you’re only going to want to write down 10% or less of what they state, and you will only end up implementing 1% or less of what people in fact tell you. There’s nothing wrong with that, you simply have to filter out everything people inform you that does not appeal to your personal strengths.

Road addresses, phone numbers, and counting software has proved that people can really only keep 3 or 4 items in their head. Do you consider it’s a coincidence that phone numbers are usually split up into groups of three or four, rather than seven or eleven digits? How about the thousands separator? You don’t jot down “5000000” … you write “5,500,000.” I can only keep an eye on 3 to 4 items in my conscious brain, so I need to eliminate as many concepts as possible from my notes in support of focus on the few things that can make me the most money right now.

Lastly, we have all dealt with “sparks.” The speaker said one offhand comment that made you think of some thing even cooler that you just can’t wait around to implement or write about this. Write stuff into your notebook throughout a seminar, then on the plane trip back, cross out the things that seemed good in an excited state, yet once you’ve calmed down, aren’t essential.

That is why I cross out a lot of notes and shred old webpages I don’t need: I want to get rid of sparks, eliminate cluttered info Items never use, and only focus on since few ideas as possible.

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