Some individuals Will Never Listen


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You can make investments hours training and coaching folks who simply will not listen to what you say, it’s a fact of life. If you are becoming paid for coaching, that’s just some thing you have to deal with. But if you are endeavoring to work a relationship or encourage a business partner to get a task completed, you might have to cut your losses. In case you are always frustrated with the lack of producible evidence a partner provides or they may be always negative… you might be dealing with somebody impossible to help.

The first sign of the “brick wall” personality is somebody who never lights up when you ask him queries about his business. I have requested every now and then what people do or what exactly they are working on, and when I ask specific important questions like how much money is the fact that making you, I get a blank look. Sometimes you have to throw 3 or 4 tips at someone or go three or four levels deep in questions prior to them getting excited, light up, and go off on the tangent about something business-related. In case there is no passion whatsoever about what they may be working on, they have no motivation to undertake the things they want to do.

Another danger sign is when the person is constantly mentioning negative imagery. For example, a common issue I hear from people who cannot focus is that they are “being taken in all directions.” Instead of stating they will are busy or unfocused, they actually conjure up a psychological image of being pulled in different instructions by different hands. If that’s the case, have a sword and cut those fingers off! Talking about how busy or even depressed you are is a surefire method to guarantee you stay in that location… so avoid it, and make sure that your associates avoid it.

The last thing you ought to be on the lookout for is a person who is too severe. You probably became self employed or obtained the job you have now because you wish to have fun. If the person you are endeavoring to help won’t laugh, make a scam, or respond positively to your comedies, they aren’t having fun and they refuses to enjoy what they are doing. They will concentrate on why something won’t work rather than how much fun they are having looking to get it to work.

If you deal with clients, clients, or partners who tend to be not passionate about their own products, who utilize negative imagery to talk about their emotions, and never enjoy themselves, watch out. They may be someone too difficult for your company.

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