Stay with What Works


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Here’s a fact for you personally: President Barack Obama can’t provide a speech without using a teleprompter.

Could it be a crutch? Maybe. But when you aren’t as busy as the leader of the country, you don’t have time to learn a brand new skill. Learning a new skill is among the biggest timewasters you can put in front side of yourself. Instead of learning a brand new skill, keep going with what works. Or even slowly change your formula until you might have enveloped the new skill.

For example, Obama might have to give more speeches with all the teleprompter in front of him, and he will need to choose to ignore it. Or maybe he can have to try giving 1 from every 10 speeches without a teleprompter.

However the point is that even with the teleprompter crutch, he speaks well and speaks often… so why mess with this?

If you have a fear of presenting home elevators video, write an e-book such as you’ve been doing, and report just ONE bonus video. Even if this sucks… it’s only a small part of the product you’re offering. Trust me, in case you record just one video for your following product, two videos for the one particular after that, and so on, you’ll get better as time passes. Sometimes practice is the only method to overcome challenges instead of reinventing the particular wheel.

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