ten Second Trial Period


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Easily can’t get myself to do some thing, like record some videos or even try a new marketing process, I am going to adopt the 30 day trial: test something out for thirty days with the purpose of cancelling. Don’t want to try content creation? Fine, try it for 30 days… the particular barrier of entry is much reduce because you have a close-ended goal in your mind. But for even more difficult task, reduce the demo period down to 10 seconds plus expand it.

Here’s a good illustration: I’m shy. I usually have been, I always will be somewhat shy, but a large thing I have a problem with is fixing their gaze with strangers. If I’m strolling down the street and I see an average-looking girl, I have no problem maintaining fixing their gaze for 10 or 20 secs while we pass. But if an excellent looking girl is passing, I am going to look away at first and then make fixing their gaze really quick just as we complete.

The solution? 10 second trial this! When I saw a cute girl within the distance, I would maintain eye contact for the full 10 seconds. It appeared awkward at first, but for the first 10 seconds, I was totally focused on keeping track of each second up to 10. As soon as I mastered that, I attempted 20 secs and finally 30 seconds.

You can do the same with anything. Are you currently scared of doing live webinars? Good, make an appearance as a guest speaker intended for only 5 minutes. After that works out, test for 10 minutes… then try co-hosting for 30 minutes… then finally, sponsor your own solo webinars.

It’s that simple. Try to do something for just 10 secs… then move it up to thirty seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, a couple of minutes… as long as you need!

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