Utilize the Two-Part 60 Second Rule in order to Overcome Decision Paralysis


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More often than not when we can’t get things carried out, it’s only because we can not make decisions. Think about it: lack of concentrate means you can’t decide on ONE thing to operate on. Lack of motivation means you may not decide to turn your negative tone of voice off.

For the longest time, We felt like a hypocrite because I really could decide on my next product rapidly, I could teach people how to conserve a bunch of time every day, but I really could never decide to quit my time job. Just the 60-second rule by itself (limiting yourself to 60 seconds to make a choice) wouldn’t work because it was this type of huge decision.

If you use the 60-second rule for small items like where you can eat lunch, what product to market and so on, there are miniscule consequences since you can always reverse that decision afterwards. Quitting a job isn’t so inversible. That’s where the two-part 60-second principle comes in. Don’t worry, it’s really simple.

Here’s the rule: first invest 60 seconds listing all the things you “should” do to accomplish your goal, a final 60 seconds to cross away all but one of those items so if you’re left with the one thing you “need” to do right now.

I’ll give you a good example: quitting my day job. I had been always afraid to quit my time job, because I needed everything… money in the bank, health insurance, enough encounter on my resume… and the time I chose to quit, it was the situation of a straw that broke the particular camel’s back. I was invited in order to two different seminars and the day job schedule didn’t allow me to attend both, so I made a decision to quit right then!

I shown out the things I needed to stop (I didn’t even realize I had been 60-seconding it, but We was.) Savings, health insurance, resume experience. I probably listed more but a few focus on those.

For the second 60-second session, I went down the list. Cost savings? I already had a year or two associated with savings stockpiled, plus I could create three months of day job earnings in a day just by selling an e-class. Crossed out. Resume experience? We already had a few years of encounter, and if I needed to get the foot in the door for a work I really wanted, I’d add encounter. For example, I’d make a product in line with the most important skill they were looking for because job.

All that had been left was health insurance. So We did that… I chose one health insurance provider (out of a possible 3 in my area), chose one of their five programs based on only a couple of factors, plus applied online. Then I was prepared to quit that job!

If the typical 60-second rule doesn’t cut this for you, split it into 2 parts: 60 seconds to list the items you should do, then 60 seconds in order to narrow down the one thing you need to do correct this “second” … get it?

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