20 ways to get clients for your video business

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With the current economic uncertainty, creators are looking to start new revenue streams and business. One of those could be finding clients to start your one business creating videos.

In this video, we’ll explore some of the best ways to do that. And links to some of the best software to use are included in the description below. Both tools were used in the making of this video!

Tip #1

Post a Facebook message to let your friends know what you’re doing

Don’t underestimate the value of your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances. Many of them probably run businesses and are always looking for ways to better promote their business.

Rather than being formal or sounding like a press release, remember to keep your message casual and conversational.

For example:

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m now creating videos for small businesses. So if you or anyone you know needs a video for their website or social media, just PM me or give me a buzz on 124-5678.

Here’s an example… [Post a short example video here]

Tip #2

Start by creating videos for free to gain experience and exposure

When you’re just starting out, one of the best things you can do is create videos for local businesses for free.

Now you may be wondering “How do I get clients by making videos for free?” Well the answer is that making videos for free gets you in the game, and allows you to focus on real projects which is the best way to develop your skills.

Often people will see the free videos you create and ask you how much it will cost to get something similar made for their business.

Tip #3

Talk to people!

In our technologically focused world in which everyone seems to hide behind a smartphone, it sometimes feels like we’ve forgotten how to talk to people.

If you can develop the skill of being able to go into local businesses and genuinely talk to people, you’ll start to develop relationships and build a network. Remember it’s important not to immediately try and sell your services.

Instead, get to know people and let them get to know you. As your relationships develop you can let them know what you do, and if they seem interested, offer to make them a free video.

Tip #4

Create Videos for charities and non-profit organisations

Another great way to develop your skills and get exposure
is to create free videos for popular charities and non-profit organisations. At the end of the video you can add a scene that says something like:

Created by YourCompany name

If you don’t have a website yet, you can include a link to your YouTube channel or to your company Facebook page which are free to set up.

Tip #5

Create a portfolio of your work on YouTube and Facebook

Everytime you create a video, ask your client for permission to post a copy on your YouTube channel and Facebook page. You can then tag them and add a link to their website. This will allow you to quickly develop a great portfolio of example videos that potential customers can review.

Tip #6

Attend business networking events in your area

Before you attend, get some business cards made up. Your cards should include a link to your YouTube channel or Facebook page where potential clients can view examples of your work.

When you attend these networking events try not to be one of the many people who are just promoting their business. Instead, be the rare person that is actually interested in what other people do and ask questions about their business.

If you listen first, people will often then ask you what you do, and be genuinely interested in your response.

Tip #7

Join your local chamber of commerce

Your local chamber of commerce is a fantastic place to build relationships within your local business community.

As a content creator you may find that you quickly become the local expert on social media advertising which is a great opportunity.

Remember a lot of the business owners you meet will be worried that their old marketing techniques just aren’t working anymore.
So if you can help them learn about social media platforms and how to use video to attract clients to their business you will be doing them a big favor.

Tip #8

Ask for referrals

Everytime you deliver a finished video to a happy client, you should ask them if they know anyone else who might need videos.
You should also ask if they’d mind if you mentioned their name when you make contact with the people they suggest.

This then allows you to write an email like this:

Hi Mike,
My name is [Your Name]. I was chatting to [Your happy client’s name] the other day and she suggested I touch base with you. You see I just finished creating some social media videos for [Your happy client’s name] and she thought you might be interested in getting some videos made for your business too.
Here’s an example of the videos I made for [Your happy client’s name]: link to video on YouTube or Facebook.

If this is something you might be interested in, just shoot me an email or give me a buzz on 1234-5678.

Warm Regards, [Your Name]

Tip #9

Print flyers and put them up on local community notice boards

While these boards might seem old fashioned, it’s surprising how many people still stop to read them. You’ll often find notice boards like this in malls, shopping centres and local libraries.

Create some eye catching flyers that have a hook like “Grow Your Business Using Social Media”. Then add a few bullet points about what you do and at the bottom of your ad include tear off strips that have your phone number on them.

Tip #10

Partner with non-competing companies

As you build your business network you’ll find some companies that you can directly partner with. A great example of this is website design companies.

If their clients are looking for video creation services they can refer their clients to you, and if your clients are looking for website design services, you can refer your clients to them.

This is a truly Win-Win situation that works extremely well.

Tip #11

Join Facebook groups that are made up of your ideal customers

If you find that you’re getting work from a specific type of business, it can be a great idea to jump online and join Face- book groups that relate to that business.

However, don’t make the mistake of immediately promoting your business. Instead be outrageously helpful when people ask questions in the group.

It won’t take long before other people in the group notice your posts and check out your profile (Which should be linked to your Facebook page containing examples of your work)

Tip #12

Join Slack groups that are made up of your ideal customers

While everyone knows about Facebook groups, not a lot of people know about public Slack channels. If you haven’t heard of Slack before, it’s a new type of messaging system that a lot of companies use for internal communications.

However it is also possible to join public channels in Slack relating to different topics. If you can find a channel that is made up of your ideal clients you can join them, be super helpful and quickly become seen as an expert in your area.

Tip #13

Do a letter drop to local businesses

Another way to use the flyer you created in Tip #9 is to print out a bunch of flyers and do an old fashioned letter drop.
Make sure your flyer includes an eye catching heading, a brief summary of what you do and a link to your online portfolio.

Another good way to increase the response you get from your flyer is to include a special offer eg. “Get your first video for free!”

Tip #14

Advertise in the publications your ideal customer reads

If you find that you’re getting work from a particular type of business, for example real estate agents, a great next step is to find out what publications these people read.

You can then place an ad in these publications and reach a much larger number of your ideal customers.

If you’re just starting out and can’t afford to pay for ad placements, you may be able to trade your services for an ad placement.

Tip #15

Conduct a free presentation about social media advertising

Local libraries or Chambers of Commerce may allow you to conduct a free course on social media advertising.

In this presentation you can start by outlining the problems that most businesses are facing with traditional advertising like yellow pages ads, and then highlight the advantages of advertising on social media.

You can provide stats on how many people are accessible through social media and let your audience know that video has been shown to be the most effective form of content to post on social platforms.

Finally you can show examples of the type of videos you’ve made for local businesses and then answer any questions.

At the end of your presentation simply let people know that if they want more help with their social media advertising they should contact you by phone or email.

Tip #16

Conduct free webinars about social media advertising

Once you’ve designed and tested your presentation at your local library, you can also use the same presentation as an online webinar.

You may decide to customise your content to focus on one particular type of business. For example – Social Media Advertising for bookkeepers. You can then advertise your free webinar by email or by buying ads on platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

A great way to finish your webinar is to offer your audience a limited-time discount on getting a video made for their business.

Tip #17

Conduct a Facebook Live Training about social media advertising

As your business grows and gains traction, another great way to use your social media presentation is to run live Facebook training for your followers.

Advertise the time of your live event, present your information live to camera, and then finish off with a Q&A session and a special offer.

Tip #18

Create a profile on fiverr.com

Fiverr.com is an online marketplace for freelance services which allows you to offer your services as a video creator to customers around the world.

You can set up your profile and then create different “gigs” that describe the service you’re willing to provide.

For example you might offer a general video creation service or you might decide to create videos for a specific business vertical such as dentists or vets.

You can also create a portfolio of your best work for potential customers to review.

Tip #19

Create a profile on legiit.com

Another online marketplace that content creators have been using to find clients is legiit.com.

The process is similar to fiverr, you set up your account and then describe the services that you provide to customers.

Tip #20

Offer to write articles or create video content for local news sites and publications

Contact local newspapers, magazines and TV stations and offer to create a piece of content about the future of small business advertising.

You can once again use the structure outlined in Tip #15 and explain that traditional forms of marketing are becoming less effective, and that everything is moving towards video ads on popular social platforms.

Remember to finish your article or video by mentioning your website, Facebook page or YouTube channel so people can find out more about the services you provide.

Tip #21

Run Facebook ads targeting local businesses

Once you’re home-based Video Agency is up and running and you have a few clients, you can then use some of your income to scale your business by running your own Facebook ads.

One great thing about Facebook is the accurate targeting that they provide, so if you want to target cafe owners in your local area you can make sure that your ads are only shown to the people who are most likely to become your customer.

The call to action on your Facebook ads could be to check out your example videos, or you could offer people a discount or their first video for free.


You’ll notice that many of the tips described in this video are based on giving first and genuinely helping people, rather than cold calling or spamming businesses with unsolicited emails…


Because this is what actually works in the real world!

Making real connections with people, building relationships and growing your business network are THE most effective ways to find clients.

When you deliver a fantastic service to these clients, they are then much more likely to refer you to their friends, and your business will rapidly grow through the power of word of mouth.

With the software suggested in the description below and these 21 proven ways to find clients, you now have everything you need to kickstart your own home-based Video Agency!

Good luck, and we’ll look forward to hearing about your success 🙂

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