Your own App Is Failing to Transform? 5 Tricks to Raise Conversions


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Mobile apps are playing the particular role of a marketer for companies overtaking all other methods of promotions plus advertising. However, not all apps end up being the great tool in marketing a business’s products or services. Apps that are simply good to look at or have great features might not be successful at converting users due to complex UI or navigation. So, the prime focus of a mobile application development must be on conversions instead of just making it beautiful and revolutionary.

There are many ways to raise the app’s user acquisition rate and ensure the conversions. Here are discussed some of the most efficient ones for you.

Make onboarding encounter smoother

User experience (UX) determines the particular fate of an app, especially in the onboarding. It is the first point associated with interaction with the users and hence may leave an everlasting impression on the mind. Thus, make it as simple as is possible by providing lesser users actions. Create registration/login quick and hassle-free, sparing users from putting too much private information. Use graphical illustrations and actions instead of long, boring textual to teach them on the use of the app’s functions.

Optimise the app’s loading speed

Users mostly stay away from apps that consider more time to load, causing a hold off in what they want to achieve. Work towards optimising the speed of your app while it goes through development. If you can conquer the users’ interests in the first instance with its speed, you will find big chances of optimising conversions.

Push notifications with personalised offers

After examining your users’ behaviour on the application in their first few active classes, strategise to send push notifications for them. Push notifications are effective at transforming users when they are relevant to their own interests or preferences. It gives the clue to the users that you’ve got some thing just for them. Personal offerings let them feel cared and so can convince all of them better to make a purchase or avail your own service.

Encourage users with reward or rewards points

Users like understanding! Give them little surprises as they develop a task or check out an purchase with bonus points or benefits. Encourage them to accumulate more of such factors or rewards which will bag a large offer later. While it’s a good way to encourage user engagement regularly, user abandonment will decrease considerably. Users will always have a reason to return and make some purchase/order request.

Include social media integrations

Popular social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter have a mass user bottom and so integrating your app with these can get you a lot of users through recommendations. The trick here is to utilise the eWOM (electronic word of mouth). Your have to persuade the current users with recommendation rewards to spread the word regarding your app’s benefits using their social networking accounts. Customers are your greatest advertisers and so any positive opinions will surely convince others to use your application and realise its benefits.

Get users influenced enough so that they not just stay but actively go through the transformation funnel, i.e. reach the last checkout out or interaction stage in the app. The aforementioned tips describe altogether how to make your app’s trip smooth from the start, persuade users along with personalised features or offers, and maintain them absorbed throughout. If you have a good app idea in mind and need it to experience maximum conversions, get these types of tricks in mind and ask your designers accordingly.

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